Peer pressure is influence on your behavior from a group that you interact with socially or professionally. It can be healthy or or unhealthy depending on 1) what action is taken; 2) what the motive behind the action is; 3) what consequences it brings; and 4) whether or not you really desired to do it in the first place.

Below are just a few examples of peer pressure. If you feel that any of these apply to you or your teen, please contact Coach Dr. Susie at 954.294.7036 and let's work on enhancing your self-esteem today!

Peer Pressure for Teens & Young Adults

Positive Peer Pressure:

  • Being encouraged to join the Debate Team can improve your self confidence and your listening and thinking skills
  • Going to college can be positive for your future
  • Following the rules can keep you out of trouble and focus on what is important
  • Respecting others will help you go far and will lead to people treating you well.
  • Being honest helps people trust you
  • Exercising is good for stress and fitness
  • Avoiding drugs can keep you out of jail
  • Working hard leads to achievement
  • Volunteering at the Boys or Girls Club lets you share your knowledge and skills
  • Tutoring other students shares your knowledge

Negative Peer Pressure:

  • Drinking alcohol while you are underage can lead to jail and is dangerous when you are young
  • Smoking is very addictive and can result in lung cancer and other health problems
  • Experimenting with drugs can be deadly (and it's illegal)
  • Being encouraged to fight someone can lead to an assault charge
  • Stealing something on a dare can lead to imprisonment or a fine or both
  • Having sexual relationship before you are ready or before you want to can lead to pregnancy and STDs
  • Bullying or teasing others
  • Putting your health at risk with too much dieting or body building
  • Skipping school
  • Wearing clothes you don't like because you think it's expected
  • Driving fast or drag racing
  • Doing anything you don't want to do





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