The following symptoms may be an indicator that you have experienced sexual abuse:
  1. Vague memories of inappropriate childhood sexual contact that can be corroborated by significant others.
  2. Self-report of being sexually abused with clear, detailed memories.
  3. Inability to recall years of childhood.
  4. Extreme difficulty becoming intimate with others.
  5. Inability to enjoy sexual contact with a desired partner.
  6. Unexplainable feelings of anger, rage, or fear when coming into contact with a close family relative.
  7. Pervasive pattern of promiscuity or the sexualization of relationships.
If you are interested in:
  1. Resolving the issue of being sexually abused with an increased capacity for intimacy in relationships;
  2. Beginning the healing process from sexual abuse with resultant enjoyment of appropriate sexual contact;
  3. Working successfully through the issues related to being sexually abused with consequent understanding and control of feelings;
  4. Recognizing and accepting the sexual abuse without inappropriate sexualization of relationships;
  5. Establishing whether sexual abuse occurred; AND/OR
  6. Beginning the process of moving away from being a victim of sexual abuse and toward becoming a survivor of sexual abuse…
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