Do you or anyone you know struggle with the following?
  • Inability to become self-sufficient, consistently relying on parents to provide financial support, housing, or caregiving
  • A history of many intimate relationships with little, if any, space between the ending of one and the start of the next
  • Strong feelings of panic, fear, and helplessness when faced with being alone as a close relationship ends
  • Feelings easily hurt by criticism and preoccupied with pleasing others
  • Inability to make decisions or initiate actions without excessive reassurances from others
  • Frequent preoccupation with fears of being abandoned
  • All feelings of self-worth, happiness, and fulfillment derive from relationships
  • Involvement in at least two relationships wherein he/she was physically abused but had difficulty leaving
  • Avoidance of disagreeing with others for fear of being rejected
Are you, or would you like to see your loved one…
  • Develop confidence that he/she is capable of meeting his/her own needs and of tolerating being alone
  • Achieve a healthy balance between independence and dependence
  • Decrease dependence on relationships while beginning to meet his/her own needs, build confidence, and practice assertiveness
  • Establish firm individual self-boundaries and improved self-worth
  • Break away permanently from any abusive relationships
  • Emancipate him/herself from emotional and economic dependence on parents.
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