July 2020
I have never felt more comfortable and at ease with anyone as much as Dr. Mendelsohn. She's been such a positive influence in my life and I am a much better person for it. If you choose another psychotherapist, you won't know what your missing with her. She WILL help and you Will Feel Better!

Dr. Susie is nothing short of amazing! I'm a tough but to crack but she never gave up on me and I kept going back to see her. She was able to help me through the grieving process and overcome an eating disorder. She isn't passive like some other therapist but she is also kind and caring and wants every patient to succeed! Work with her, lean into the work, it's worth everything!

June 2019
Susan is always on time and she is extremely intuitive to my concerns and issues. She treats me with respect and concern.

January 2019
Dr. Mendelsohn is professional, accommodating, and understanding. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a psychologist.

November 2018
Dr Susie save my life she is one awesome person& professional.

“I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I appreciated you letting me into your SOAR circle.  I learned a lot and met some very wonderful girls/women at the retreats, but especially you.  You are a great person and I am very happy that I got a chance to work with you.  Cincinnati is losing out on a great ED Dr.  Many families would have not been able to see their loved ones through ED without you and all of your hard work and dedication.  You will be missed greatly!!! I don't know what I will do next time I really need a day with people that know "me", without knowing me.”

“Hi Doctor:
Wanted to let u know, since working more in your book, I've been able to understand and put together the associations my ED was about. The over eating, AND eating at night time has "completely stopped" praise God! I don’t know how to thank u, but to just say Thank u. The transition from depending on food for "everything" going into learning to live a life in my mind (internal) and some external, has been more strange to me than difficult. It was scary at the very beginning to see and experience "life" creeping in for the 1st time in my life. And it's sad to know in the end, all food was, was food. I'm experiencing a lot of power now, to the degree to where I am in the process of buying myself furniture for the 1st time, and having furniture for the 1st time in 25 years. I spent years sleeping on the floor with an air bed, not having a bedroom set, my clothes in bags, not having a sofa, just a table, chairs, my computer, a tv and a tv stand. I'm seeing the severity of that excessive level of depriving myself. That was the severity of deprevation I was raised into. I am so proud of myself.  I'll keep u posted with more as it comes. God is GOOD!”

“Thanks for all the “stuff” you have pulled me through.  YOU ARE TRULY A LIFE SAVER!”

“Well hello beautiful Dr. Susie! I wanted to let you know the good news. We're having a baby! Can you BELIEVE that? And I couldn't have done it without all your help in making me back into a real person!”

“You have given me a world to believe in.  I also feel ENDLESS GRATITUDE for all you've done for me. I know I told you this in session today Susie, but i want to tell you again.   THANK YOU for not giving up on me...  because of you i got to meet Denise and her wonderful family and finally have a GOOD friend.  thank you for helping me to be an amazing person that people trust and rely on...THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH SUSIE.  I am so blessed to have you, and so thankful for you.  

“Hello Dr. Mendelsohn, I just wanted to tell you how much your book touched my life! I am 31 years old and have suffered from anorexia since I was about 15 years old. Although I have never had any hospitalization and was never an extreme case... I still suffer every single day from body image issues and food issues. My dream is to one day wake up and not think about food and trying to please every one!!! I REALLY wish you lived in CA!!! Thank you again for sharing your story!”

“Dear Dr. Susie, I just finished reading your book, and I must say that I am totally blown away- it is truly amazing!! I have read dozens, perhaps even hundreds of books & articles about eating disorders over the last 2+ years since I was diagnosed w/ anorexia, and yours is definitely among the most powerfully motivating, insightful, honest, helpful, inspiring, etc. of all these. I don't know how you were able to do what it must have taken to write it, but I can't thank you enough for making that monumental effort to share your thoughts, feelings, experiences, encouragement, and good, sound, solid advice w/ a world of people who need it so desperately. Even though I've never met you in person, your support means so much to me personally, and I will try to harness it, along with your great practical guidance, to fuel my own recovery. I really admire your breathtaking courage to persevere and to "soar" in spite of it all, and hope that I will be able to follow you example in my own way. The world truly needs more people like you and is a better place b/c you're in it. You fully deserve the sweetest fruits of all your struggles and have earned the peace and joy you've attained. I pray that God will give you continued strength to keep pursuing all your worthy endeavors and helping people reclaim hope & choose happiness. Thanks so much again, and all the best.”

“I think these retreats are a great thing and can provide old and new patients with inspiration and a promise of life WITHOUT ED. I hope to be a living proof to those struggling that life WITHOUT ED is possible and AMAZING! I have to once again remind you of how truly amazing you are and what a great impact you have had on my life! I have to say that there are so many things I have achieved and been able to do in that I never would have been able to do without ED. I am so blessed to have been under your care and to have come out on the good side. I truly love where I am in life and feel like I have found where I want to be and could not be more happy! I hope to make an impact on my patients, like you have done for me!”

“I think about you everyday and how without you i would be dead today. I am strong and independent because i learned from the best (YOU!).

Two nights ago I went out with my friends to a club and I happily volunteered to be designated driver and had so much fun completely sober. I thought about how a year and a half ago i would NOT have been able to do that. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, forever, for giving me the skills to become who I am. I love you sooooo much!”

“Hi Dr. Susie, I just wanted to write to you and thank you for publishing "it's not about the weight." I am currently working as a researcher full-time before attending graduate school to receive my PhD in Clinical Psychology. I have suffered from on-again, off-again symptoms of my ED since the age of 15 (now, 22)and was inspired by your story. Too many books that I have read focus on the actions those suffering from EDs engage in, and rarely about the internal struggle we all face. I felt a connection to your story, because I too want to help people who suffer from the same irrational thinking as myself - and you have shown me that this is a great possibility. Thank you for educating your readers on the fundamental reasons that EDs exist, and not on your methods of losing weight. I am happy for you and your success as a woman, a writer, a therapist, and a victim of ED. I hope that I can inspire people in the way that you have. I am still struggling with distorted body image and obsession with food, calories, etc - but it's a process...and I think with the confidence and understanding I have gained from your book, it'll only get better. Thank you!”

“You’re a gift because you have the combination of personality, experience and knowledge. Thank you Dr. Susie!”

“Dr. Susie, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such a difference.”

“Thank you for your expertise and passion for what you do. You are truly saving lives!”

“As always, thanks! You make such a difference Dr. Susie!”

“Thank you for giving us our daughter back!. We love you Susie!”

“Thank you - Bless you for your passion to help! You are our inspiration. It is a blessing to have you in our lives!”

“Susie, you are amazing and I’m so thankful for you!”





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