Cash, check, credit cards and Pay Pal are accepted in this office. If you wish to use insurance, please contact Gerri at 513.304.3790. She will gladly verify your mental health benefits for you. To schedule an initial consultation, please contact Dr. Susan Mendelsohn at 954.294.7036 Monday through Thursday 9AM-8PM.

Distance or Internet Therapy has proven most effective for most individuals seeking guidance for a variety of issues.  Distance therapy provides services via Skype, Face Time, Google Plus or phone - and all you require is the comfort of your own home and an Internet connection or a working phone!

The benefits of Distance Therapy are astounding! They include but are not limited to:

  1. Continuity of Care. If weather or a flat tire keeps you stranded, your appointment will not be interrupted. You can still sign on and keep your appointment. And - even if you are home sick from work, your appointment need not be interrupted! And - if do not have access to transportation or live a great distance from your therapist - no more worries...Dr. Mendelsohn is at your fingertips!
  2. Saves Time and Money: Appointments with Dr. Mendelsohn from the comfort of your own home or work saves oodles of travel time and certainly costs nothing in fuel driving to an office - providing more time for the things you enjoy!
  3. Privacy: Conducting your appointments from the privacy of your own home provides comfort and prevents any embarrassment you may feel while walking into a professional office building.
  4. Flexibility: Your schedule is at your fingertips. You may schedule your appointments as weekly standing times, or week-to-week according to changes in your schedule.
  5. Instant Feedback & Homework: No matter what issues you are dealing with,  Dr. Mendelsohn will be able to forward your weekly assignments to you instantly during your session.

If you are interested in Distance Therapy, please contact Dr. Susie to schedule your initial consultation at 954.294.7036.

Initial Consultation (90 minutes)



90-min Office Session



90-min Phone/Skype/FaceTime



60-min Office Session  


60-min Phone/Skype/FaceTime  


Standard 45-min Office Session  


Standard 45-min Phone/Skype/FaceTime  


25-min Office Session  


25-min Phone/Skype/FaceTime  


Emotional Support Animal Consult Travel & Housing



Emotional Support Animal Consult Travel OR Housing


Emotional Support Animal Travel Renewal (30-min)

Binge Eating Group Therapy (75-min)    $75
Home/Hospital Visit (per 90-min)   $350
MMPI-2    $300
16PF-Career   $200

Gottman Relationship Checkup (Per couple)







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